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The Truth Behind Bon Temps

Lets just kill everybody.

-The Writing Staff of True Blood, Season 7.

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Eric Northman: “We can be assholes.” (True Blood, 7x05)

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I almost never see Sookie being called as slut, except by stupid immature people. By and large people hate her because she's stupid and selfish and never learns from her mistakes and also Anna is terrible at playing her.



Oh well, different experiences within the tag. I don’t agree with her being stupid, I think that’s an easy judgement to make given that most people don’t really bother to look into a character’s actions unless they fit a “cool” trope (aka Eric, Pam, or Lafayette). I think Sookie is probably one of the most underrated characters in True Blood, precisely because of how contradicting and human she can be. 

Let’s talk about Sookie:

  • She’s 26 when she meets Bill (born in 1983, events in first season happen in 2009). That means she spent twenty six years without being able to develop a close emotional bond with a man because of her abilities. She didn’t date until she was 26. She couldn’t go past her first date. Normal people who have normal sex lives probably won’t get this, but as someone who for different reasons has had the same kind of trouble with establishing a relationship with someone else, this is not only a source of emotional stress and frustration, it also means that she never got the chance to actually learn how to establish a romantic relationship. You aren’t born knowing how to handle a romantic partner. That’s what your teenage years are for:  to fall in love, make stupid mistakes that you’ll learn from, and to set the base of what your relationships with your gender/sex of choice is going to be like. When she meets Bill, she practically has the same practicalknowledge as a 16 year old when it comes to relationships, and to be honest, if you don’t think it’s amazing that taking thatinto account she still managed to form a more or less functional relationship with him, I don’t know man. 
  • Friendly reminder that Sookie was molested as a child by her uncle, while also having full and uncontrolled access to his thoughts. Just the fact that she’s managed to overcome that and become such a happy-go-lucky person who tries to be the best she can for everyone around her is fucking amazing. 
  • The viewers have a year between seasons and an entire week before episodes to chew the characters’ actions. Sookie doesn’t. All the events in seasons 1,2 and 3 happen in 51 days. In just two months, Sookie meets and falls in love with Bill, loses her grandmother, is stalked by and kills a serial killer [all of this in 16 days], meets Eric, survives the Dallas bombing, has her boyfriend kidnapped, is attacked by werewolves and later kidnapped by Russell, is almost killed by her bf’s psycho maker, kills her bf’s psycho maker, her bf almost kills her, eric tells her how Bill had betrayed her and she goes off to fairyland where she realizes her grandpapa was alive and had been kidnapped and escapes a bunch of crazy fairies.Two. Months. After coming back from Fairyland, it’s 2010 already in the real world but for Sookie’s been two minutes. In fact she tells Bill “dude you might’ve missed me and all but for me it’s been like half an hour since you basically admitted to manipulating me because of my blood”. This season is taking place in 2011, so all the crazy shit happening in the 4th, 5th and 6th season happens in just one yearSookie is made of fucking steel for having to put up with so much shit in so little time. Yeah, okay I agree that she doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes. It’s because she doesn’t have the time to do it
  • Let me tell you why I think Sookie’s so fascinating. She started out as a small town girl who was fascinated with a dark, mysterious man who played up to the “southern gentleman” character she’d dreamed of all these years. I think she’d have been satisfied with any half-decent vampire at that point, given that she wouldn’t be able to read his thoughts, but I think the reason she became so infatuated with Bill was because he played up to a persona that probably had a major feature in Sookie’s romantic fantasies (once again, back to the first point I made, given Sookie’s frustrated romantic life, she must’ve had an outlet in daydreaming and fantasies). That’s why she falls so hard and so stupidly for him. At this point she’s really naive, and Bill and later Eric take advantage of her nature. In the same vein, I think that Sookie herself had kind of a hypocritical idea of herself because she modeled herself after the southern belle, all sweet smiles and frilly dresses, when in a way she was using Bill to escape her boring, uneventful life in Bon Temps. And this selfish streak is what begins to grow as she grows tired of having her trust broken and shit on, she’s thinking “if they’re going to use me for my blood/powers i might as well use them too”. That’s why in the last seasons you can see her using her past relationships as a way to get favours from Bill/Eric/Alcide/etc. In some ways she emotionally manipulates them - in the same way that she’s been manipulated before. And that’s why Sookie isn’t as stupid as people think - in a year of her life she has basically learnt how to play not only 1000 year old vampires, but also werewolves, fairies and even managed to outwit the oldest vampire alive. Sookie adapts extremely well to extreme situations. 
  • On that note, another interesting thing about Sookie is that even after her failed relationship with Bill she retained that weak spot about romantic relationships - something that Warlow takes advantage of in the 6th season. Even then, we see a suspicious Sookie revealing Ben’s identity and carefully constructing a plan to face him on her own. Let me repeat that - she plans to face the oldest, most powerful vampire in existence on her own like it’s no big deal
  • Not to mention that all of Sookie’s deviousness is entirely used simply to help her friends. You’re calling her selfish but she’s  put herself on the line for her friends even though she knows she’s practically vampire catnip. Sure, things are complicated and sometimes she puts herself in dangerous situations in a way that makes you think that she actually enjoys it, but I don’t think you can simply reduce it to “she’s always thinking about herself”.

But yeah, god, Anna Paquin’s acting skills make me cringe. She looks like she doesn’t know what to do half the time, except when she really needs to do emotional scenes. Yesterday I was watching the clip of s04 when she comes back from fairyland and she’s just standing there looking blank while Bill and Eric try to have their intense confession time. I think both her and Moyer are prob the weakest actors in the whole repertoire. 

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